Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

World's tallest Buildings & Towers

1. Burj Khalifa  828 m (2,717 ft)

2. Warsaw radio mast is 646.38 m (2,120.67 ft)

3. The KVLY-TV mast (formerly the KTHI-TV mast) is a 628.8 m (2,063 ft)

4. Canada's National (CN) Tower is 553.3 m (1,815 ft)

5. Willis Tower is 442 m (1,450 ft)

6. Taipei 101  (formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center) is 509.2 metres (1,671 ft)


7. Petronas Towers is 451.9 m (1,483 ft)

8. Empire State Building is 381 m (1.250 ft)

9. Eiffel Tower is  324 m (1,063 ft)

10. Great Pyramid of Giza 146.5 m (480.6 ft)


World's tallest man by Guinness World Records’s adjudicators

Bao Xishun (also known as Xi Shun or "The Mast") (born 1951) is a herdsman from Inner Mongolia and, since January 15, 2005, has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's tallest living man standing 2.47 metres (8 ft 1 in) tall.

World's Biggest Diamond

World's Biggest Diamond Mines


A proficient expert invited to test a South African “diamond” that claims to be the world’s largest is full of doubts about its claim. Ernest Blom, president of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses has now withdrawn fully from the verification process of the stone. Blom’s requirement of witnessing the stone has not been met. Weighing 8,000-carat, this diamond dugged by the South Africa’s north-west province was considered to be more than twice the size of the world’s largest diamond of 3,000-carat discovered in 1905.