Friday, October 28, 2011

First official preview of India's upcoming Formula 1 race track at Greater Noida.

Red light Violation Camera How does it works???????????????????????????????

Monday, October 17, 2011

Death and destruction on the race track

Really hard to face such accidents in sports like this :(

IndyCar 2011 - Dan Wheldon Fatal Crash (Multi Camera Replay)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

tx1219us issue no display, blank display, no BIOS, unable to boot

This all issue are related to faulty graphic card can be resolved with below steps but do all this at your own risk I am not reponsible for anything, any of below can work for you.

1. HP procedure,

2. Plugin your power adapter connect it to laptop press "JKL" keys of your keyboard do not leave keys keep it pressed and switch on power.

3. Easy fix for the black screen...It is the solder connections on the GBA (grid Ball Array) they need to be reflowed. If you want to fix this yourself and not have to take laptop apart follow these steps

Turn on the laptop with the power cord connected
take 2 heavy towels and wrap the laptop in them with the laptop still running.
This causes the heat to build up and not be dispalced by the fans
Leave it running and covered for 30-40 mins
Unwrap laptop, turn off power and then restart
Thats all there is, works like a charm!!

4. Please follow this link to fix black screen issues on hp tablet pc's.
Its not my video. but i have an hp tx1308ca which was having the same issues. This solution on youtube does work.