Monday, November 5, 2007

India to host world toilet summit

1. Join the World’s leading Authorities as they probe analyze the changes in the Toilet and Sanitation Sector.
2. Be the first to hear the experiences of those involved in the implementation of People Centric Toilet Projects under the MDG, School Sanitation Programme, Public Toilets and Urinals as we look ahead at the strtegies required to change the Global Scenario for it for Fundamental Improvement in the quality of Life for the masses.
3. Participate to express your views and join others for practical interpretation and future strategic directions to give impetus to the Toilet and Sanitation Movement in the World.
4. Share your thoughts on Laying the Foundation for WORLD SANITATION FUND, and further strenthening of the efforts to speed up meeting the bulk of the MDG Targets for Toilets by the 2015.

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