Friday, October 26, 2007

Try this Internet Safety Game and see how well you understand these

The Internet is a very PUBLIC PLACE. It is like the mall, or a parade, or the airport. People are moving in and out, and you are always bumping into someone you don’t know!
A few simple rules will help you be safe while on the Internet. These rules will help you be safe anywhere!

1. Never give out your real name. Keep this a secret. Make up a new name that you will use whenever you are on the Internet. Keep the names of your parents and family a secret too.
2. Never give out your address or where you go to school. Keep information about where you live PRIVATE.
3. Think about yourself on the Internet as a kind of everyday superhero. Hide your true identity! Always use an AVATAR to represent yourself on the Internet. An avatar is a picture or drawing that is unique to your personality but doesn’t look like you. When playing video or online games, the game gives you a character to play. This is an example of an ‘avatar:
4. Do not talk to strangers – even email or chat! - unless your teacher, parent or guardian has introduced you to them.
5. Do not open SPAM. You never know who sends you spam, so it could hurt your computer – and you!

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