To get the best body building advice, just listen to what other body builders have experienced to get free body building tips that work for them. The best body building advice will also come from coaches and experienced body builders who know the kinds of workouts, nutrition, and special needs that body builders need. Here are some free body building tips that will help you develop your body building regimen that works for you:
Diet and nutrition
You always need the right foods from the major food groups to keep you energized and healthy to keep up with all your best body building activities. It is not always about getting mass for some body builders, so depending on what your objectives are, it is always important to have a healthy diet to complement your workout regime.
Workout with variety
Don’t stick to the same workout regime every week. Instead change the exercises and allow your body to be introduced to new exercises that will help strengthen different parts of them that need attention. By putting a variety of exercises into you regime, your body will not get too used to one regime to render it less effective after a while.
Get lots of rest and proper amount of sleep
This is probably true for everyone, get your 8 hours of fitful and quality sleep every night, and when your body needs to rest allow it the rest that it needs instead of pushing it to its extreme limits all the time.

These are basic tips that you will find will always make it into the kinds of advice that any professional body builder will give you. Sometimes it only takes common sense to listen to your body and know when it needs nutrients or rest. By knowing your body, you will know when you are doing too little or too much in your best body building routine.