Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Make Relationships Work

• Don`t try too hard to convince the other person of your love. Love and trust yourself more. This will relax your love defenses and enable you to give yourself totally to relationship.
• Don`t question the other person`s love all the time.
• Feel the oneness of the universe.Step beyond the `me first` conflicts that mar relationships. This would help you be complete within yourself.
• Don`t use your relationships to fulfill your expectations.
• Know yourself. Analyze the cause of your reactions.
• Acknowledge the other person as an individual. Grow and let grow.
• In a conflicting relationship, check where you went wrong rather than where the other person failed. Listen to each other. Communication strengthens the foundation of a relationship.
• Take the first step in working out a relationship without worrying about who is in the right. Don`t depend on any person and don`t let the other person depend on you.

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