Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mid-Life Weight Gain / 'Creeping Obesity'

Many people during their 'mid-life' years experience slow and steady weight gain. This generally comes when least expected, but takes a good few years for the full effects to set it; weight gain. This is actually referred to as 'Creeping Obesity', in which you gain weight slowly over a longer period of time (few years), and all of a sudden realize what's happened not truly recognizing the root cause. Well, that's what i'm about to share.

If there were 4 keywords to exercise, they would be "Eat Less, Move More". When you do the exact opposite (Move Less, Eat More), that's where Creeping Obesity comes from. It is due to people not realizing the fact that they are eating just slightly too much, and not exercising at all or just not enough. With this pattern, it could take you a whole month to gain a pound. But compound that over a few years and one could gain 30-40 pounds...probably not what anyone wants. How do we stop it? Rock the 4 keywords.
Don't slack off as you age with your bodies; exercise and eat properly instead. If you " Eat Less (and) Move More", you'll be on a good track to continued great physical fitness and good health.

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