Monday, September 13, 2010

Disturbed lifestyle invites Anemia

Symptoms of anemia are simple but due to work pressure ladies don't take them seriously, resulting more and more ladies suffering from anemia. Today 60% women in the world are suffering from anemia, most of the women in India are suffering from anemia. It is also found in men but not in such a big proportion as it is in women.
Symptoms Of Anemia
            Anemia means deficiency of Red Blood Cells in the blood. In this condition the blood becomes more fluid and flows with more speed, this makes the person feel like " Pumping" in his chest and his heart beats going up. In this condition when his heart is very much normal, he feel very tired after a little work. Red Blood Cells are also oxygen carriers of the blood, and their deficiency leads to lack of oxygen to the different body parts, which leads to Headache, weak memory, irritation, lack of concentration, black spots below eyes, insomnia and loss of weight.
Remedy for Anemia
For nutritional anemia we shall increase iron containing food stuffs in our daily diet. These includes green vegetables, onion, potato, apple, date, carrots etc. A very easy remedy for anemia is to cook your curries in iron vessels, this leads to iron inflow into the curry and it helps us to gain iron needed for our body.
Non-nutritional anemia is due to some other reason than nutritional deficiency, they are due to various factors for which you should consult your physician.
Aplastic anemia is due to deactivation of bone marrow, due to which red blood cells don't gets manufactured.
Familium Homiletic anemia is a genetic disorder. Many times an old infection may also leads to anemia.
Myths about Anemia
There are a lot of myths about anemia like:-
  - Pale skinned persons are anemic.
  - Hemophiliac women can't marry
  - Anemia is more prone in winters
this all is absurd as there is no connection of skin color with anemia. Hemophiliac women can definitely marry and can also get pregnant.
                                          To avoid anemia we shall have healthy nutritional habits and shall avoid junk and fast foods which we prefer to have due to lack of time or bad nutritional habits.

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