Monday, September 20, 2010

Prevent Your Child, From Becoming A Bully

Parents can influence and prevent their child from becoming a bully, say the psychological experts.Improve the parent communication and the involvement with the children, as they have a substantial impact on making the child aggressive.The kids with emotional, developmental or behavioural problems and those who have mothers with mental problems are more likely to have the risk.
       Parents should also be cautious not to get angry with the children frequently as it will affect their basic character. The parents should also never have the attitude that their child often do the things which bother them,which will reflect in their behaviour towards the children.
       Parents should share their ideas openly with the kids and also meet most of their child's friends, as it will lessen the chances to make him a bully, say the psychological experts.It is also advisable for the parents to interact with the healthcare providers that clarify their emotional, mental or behavioural concerns about the children.There are also several parenting programs which help the parents to become aware of and manage the negative feelings including anger and response to the child in a non-aggressive manner.

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