Monday, September 13, 2010

Now Cerebral Aneurysm can be treated in Indore

Now cerebral aneurysm can be successfully treated in Indore. Last week two patients who were referred from other stations of M.P were successfully operated for aneurysm. Both the patients were operated upon by Dr.Subodh Jain and his team. One of the patients was having three aneurysms in his brain which were sealed by titanium clips so that the problem don't reoccur in future.
         Cerebral Aneurysm is a cerebral vein disorder in which the wall of the vein bulges like a balloon due to weakness in the walls of veins. This causes brain hemorrhage which leads to severe headache, vomiting, unconsciousness or paralysis of limbs. 
          Generally a CT scan of brain can find out this disorder which is generally known as Subarachnoid hemorrhage. After this a CT engiography confirms the presence of aneurysm. In such cases surgery is compulsory, if ignored can lead to death of patient due to burst of vein.

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