Sunday, September 19, 2010

Secrets to Female Body Building with these Body Building Tips

Female body building is different from regular body building because women have specific needs that cannot be answered by male body building regimens. Women need a good body building diet that will help them keep energized for their workouts and to keep the fit figures that they work hard to maintain. Here are some tips that female body building individuals can follow to get the best body building diet while they work out.
Get the right amount of carbohydrates
To know exactly how many carbohydrates you should be getting for your female body building needs, get your fat free body weight and multiply it by 0.8, and the answer is the total carbohydrates in grams that you need to ingest daily for your body type. When you are working out, take carbohydrates before and after you work out for the best effects.
Get the right amount of proteins
To know exactly how much protein you should be ingesting for your female body building needs and for your body building diet, get your total body weight and multiply it by 1.2. This will give you a number which is the amount of protein you should take in daily in grams. You can mix in protein shakes with your protein intake, but try not to go beyond the calculated recommended amount that is assigned to you daily.
Drink lots of water
When you work out, you end up needing much more water in your system to keep nutrients circulating and your body cool. Keep yourself hydrated by always having water for when you feel thirsty. Never deprive yourself of water in any circumstances when your body asks for it.
With female body building it is all about knowing what kind of body building diet to follow and following it strictly. By knowing exactly how much protein and carbohydrates make it into your system, you can better manage your body fitness and health.

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